simply distressed

a custom furniture responsive site

simply distressed

project summary

Simply Distressed is a Sevierville, Tennessee custom painted furniture company that was looking to break out beyond Facebook. Most of their clients were focused on mobile, social media and in need of delivery options if they did find a piece they wanted to purchase. In a very competitive field, they needed a way to separate themselves so they could rise to the top.


project goals

To design a responsive website for the company that draws customers in and helps separate themselves from the competition. To develop a relationship with the local area, building loyalty and a fun environment.


project deliverables

A responsive e-commerce website that includes a landing page, furniture specific pages, background on the company and filtering options.


user research, ux designer, ui designer



pen + paper


2 weeks




needed custom or recycled furniture, proving the style is in high demand in the area


used social media to look for design inspiration

pain points


find it difficult to purchase furniture without a delivery option



looked to support local business when deciding to purchase furniture


sought out eco-friendly options when making purchases



empathy map




responsive ui

style tile


style tile

responsive ui


This is a live prototype! Check it out!

This prototype was created in Adobe Xd and used to test the functionality of Simply Distressed. I focused on the mobile aspect of the site due the feedback during initial research. Once this prototype was completed, I gained useful feedback about areas like the CTAs, hero text and overall use of imagery.

next steps

Through the user testing, I found that imagery was a major factor for most decisions. It was important that users have clear imagery on the pages where they were looking at multiple items choices. If an image wasn’t clear, they didn’t look closer, they simply ignored it and were often put off by it’s lack of professionalism. In an area of sales, like this site, it is a main focus to create pleasing imagery, which will be a focus moving forward. I also found that users wanted clear and concise text because they didn’t want to think about it, just go and explore. Moving forward, the plan will be to evaluate text and make sure it is focused while still staying with the tone of Simply Distressed.