UX Motion

Animations of user flow and interfaces

UX Motion Work


Below are a handful of UX Motion project that I’ve worked on. Most of these were completed in After Effects with a handful of plugins to make life easier – like AEUX to bring Sketch files over. So good! I have created these flows to help with stakeholder buy-in, user testing as well as helping UX Designers see the possibilities of how transitions and micro animations can make their designs even more impactful.

Feel free to check out any links to the work I was also the UX Designer on and read the full story.

Apps for UX motion

Below are the main apps or plugins I use






Chase Financial Fitness app

Login, onboarding and landing page

Change a purchase category

ARcadia social app

Login, camera and friends list

Status change and muting

Lottie animations

Chime Bicycle

Vg UI Elements