a time travel responsive site


project summary

Zeit, a fictitious subsidiary of the Virgin Group, is a time travel company that transports people to destinations globally and dimensionally. As a first in the time travel arena, they are looking to build trust with travelers as well as ease their decisions during their trip planning.


project goals

To design a logo for the company that portrays modern technology as well as the historical aspect of time travel. To design a responsive e-commerce website that users can browse and filter trip options.


project deliverables

Company identity including a logo, colors, typography and graphic options. A responsive e-commerce website that includes a landing page, trip specific pages, background on time travel and filtering options.


user research, ux designer, ui designer




pen + paper


4 weeks




took their last vacation with immediate family members


discussed taking budget friendly excursions close to their main destination

pain points


stayed with family members instead of other lodging


mentioned cost or looking for deals



desire to look for local food or beverages


wanted close excursions to their main destination



empathy map




responsive ui

style tile


style tile

responsive ui


next steps

I found that the Trip Types and Discover may be too closely related in their current form, which confuses the user. I may look into rewording Trip Types or removing it all together since Discover can do both needed jobs. I found that users liked the overall look and were pleased with the visuals of the site. They also liked the simplicity and were able to quickly navigate using the familiar patterns. This is good, but they also skipped important parts of the site, like the itinerary, dates and cost because they just clicked the first “Book it!” button that they came across. I may look into researching the slider filter for narrowing dates, since that was never discussed with this testing group. I will also consider building out another prototype focusing on a different flow of the Zeit travel website.