ChristianaCare 360 Video

I shot and edited 360 video with ambisonic sound for a ChristianaCare project centered around alternate viewing options for patients who were undergoing extended treatments. The final videos were 15-minutes in length, the average time a patient would be sitting for chemotherapy, dialysis or other treatment types. The patient was presented with a simple menu to choose from several Delaware specific options and able to swap videos at any time. The result was overwhelmingly positive and my favorite anecdote was a gentleman who talked about going fishing with his late brother at the exact area I recorded. His positive reaction along with many others, made the entire project worth it.

NOTE: Final videos were 15-minutes and 7680×3840. Shot on an insta360 Pro, Sennheiser AMBEO VR mic and other custom built audio and video setups.


360 Videographer, Motion Graphics, Audio Editor