About Me

Hey, I’m Micah Fegley and I’m a UX Motion Designer who’s currently looking for a new home. I’m a big fan of a good motion cappuccino… one-third strong research, one-third smooth UX Design and one-third sweet UI, all wrapped up in a perfect cup of animation… and maybe a dash of cinnamon because that stuff is tasty.

I have a strong background in animation and an incessant need to drink coffee solve problems in a user focused way. Over the past 18 years, I’ve used my love of motion for good, staying conscious of the end user, how to delight them and help their experience. Motion, to me, is an added layer of language on great UX to help convey a story. That extra detail or dollop of satisfaction can be the sweet froth that helps the user thoroughly enjoy the product.

Besides motion, my life is filled with great stuff like building Lego sets with my two kids, watching movies and TV with my amazing wife (and trying to convince her to watch at least one episode of Archer or Bob’s Burgers with me) and visiting as many coffee places that I can on planet Earth… Oh, and I like to drink coffee.

Looks like I’m at the end of my cup. Hit me up if you want to grab a coffee sometime!

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Brag time

Patent USD780204S1
Ooooh, I love shiny objects! I was part of the Chase Website Redesign Team, creating the motion studies and prototypes for user testing. Now I have a cool plaque and my name stashed on the government’s patent website. Nice!